Four Things to Know Before Making a Film in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Asia when it comes to filmmaking, for many reasons. In addition to low production costs, there are several amazing locations perfect for shooting movies, with greenery, beaches, and cities that make the perfect setting for your film. Whether you’re putting together a feature-length movie, creating a marketing video or documenting your travels, the territory has excellent infrastructure for production equipment, and the locals are friendly and willing to help. If you’re planning to film in Thailand, we’ve put together some top tips to keep in mind.

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#1. Get a Shooting Permit:

First of all, remember that it’s a violation of law to shoot video without a permit in Thailand. You’ll need to obtain this permit from the Thailand Film Office, and professional filmmakers are required to hire a Thai coordinator who is already officially registered with the Film Office. Your coordinator will be able to help you gain a permit and ensure that you follow all procedures correctly, both before and after it is granted. Bear in mind that you will also need to obtain separate permits if you plan to film in National or Historical Parks. You can apply for these permits at the One-Stop-Service Centre. Apply at least fourteen days in advance of filming, as script approval from the Film Board will be necessary.

#2. Finding a Production Crew:

Chances are, if you’re planning to make a film in Thailand then you’ll need to hire a production crew to help you out. Your coordinator from the Thailand Film Office will be able to help with putting you in touch with a reputable film crew in the area that you want to film. And, since Thailand has extensive experience with foreign film projects, their production costs tend to be very reasonable compared with other countries. Filming in Thailand has earned itself a very good reputation when it comes to providing top crews with plenty of experience.

#3. Know the Fees:

Although there is no fee for obtaining a permit to film in Thailand, it’s important to be aware of any other costs that your project is likely to incur. Once your permit has been approved, you will be required to hire a representative from the Thailand Film Office and depending on both the type of permit that you are granted and your filming location, it’s likely that your production company will be required to cover all of their expenses.

#4. Be Familiar with the Culture:

Lastly, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the culture in Thailand, particularly if you’re going to be working alongside a Thai production crew. Thais greet one another using the traditional closed hands and a slight bow of the head, although Western visitors are often offered a handshake upon meeting. The head is considered a sacred part of the body, so you should always apologize if you accidentally touch somebody’s head during filming or at any other time. During filming, you should only show an image of the Thai National Flag on packages or goods if done so with prior government agreement.

What will you film in Thailand?

Author: Lolita Di

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