The Edge makes list of ‘Top 10 Films Produced’ by Spielberg: ‘Goonies,’ ‘Poltergeist’ ‘Super 8’

Check out the a new list by The Edge of the Best films produced by famous director Steven Spielberg.

“You don’t have to look too hard on the internet to find one of the numerous countdowns listing the greatest films helmed by renowned director Steven Spielberg. Said lists will dutifully point to the usual suspects of the film-makers expansive catalogue: Jaws, E.T, Schindler’s List, Raiders of the Lost Ark – same old, same old…” the article notes.

True Grit poster“Spielberg has often had to resort to producing on projects that have taken his interest. Some still bare his personal stamp. Others illicit a surprised “ohh” when you venture onto his IMDB page and discover his involvement….”

The bottom of the list includes great films like True Grit, The Goonies and Shrek.

“The Coen Brother’s Oscar nominee is often cited as one of the best remakes of all time. Featuring excellent performances from Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld and a rich, deep screenplay that successfully translates the source material’s complex content over to the screen, it’s easy to see why. Spielberg backed a winner here,” the article notes.

The Land Before Time and Young Sherlock Holmes round out the bottom half of the list with Men in Black and Gremlins coming in at #5 and #4 respectively.

“Confusing mythology aside (just when exactly does “after midnight” end?) this Joe Dante directed family-adventure-horror… thing is a Christmas favorite, balancing humor and thrills in equal measure. It may be sentimental as heck in places, but therein lies its (and Spielberg’s) charm.”

The Top 3 are big fan favorites: Back to the Future, Super 8 and of course, Poltergeist.

“…Whilst it may not have the same treasured place in film history as Back to the Future, the Goonies or even Gremlins, Poltergeist really is something rather special. The closest you can find to a family-friendly horror film (rather than a family film that displays horror movie tropes à la Coraline) the film manages to blend inventive scares, likable characters and real, genuine warmth. The credit really belongs to Spielberg in this case, whose fingerprints are all over it. Not only did he write the screenplay but clearly injected the film with his sensibility from the producer’s chair…”

Check out the full list with commentary HERE

photo Hopko Designs
photo Hopko Designs


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