‘E.T.’ Atari game makes ’50 Bizarre’ movie tie-in list with ‘Transformers’ shaving cream

Den of Geek put together a great list of “50 Bizarre examples of movie tie-ins and merchandise”

“Cool film stuff can be almost as fun as actually going to the movies. Think of a Batman cape, an Arnold Schwarzenegger action figure, or Goldeneye on the N64. Hell, the merchandising can often be more enjoyable than the actual film – remember how much fun the first few months of 1999 were before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was actually released?” the list begins.

ET Atari cartridgeThe Spielberg produced Transformers makes the list at #9 with a themed a shaving cream.

“I get that kids like to pretend to do things that adults do. It’s all part of growing up. But fake Transformers-themed razors? These actually happened.”

Check out the photo they listed below.

Funny and strange comic books, action figure and toys all make the list before the doomed E.T. Atari video game shows up at

“One of the most notorious movie tie-ins of all time. In order to get the game of Steven Spielberg’s hit film out in time for Christmas, it was rush-developed in just over a month by just one programmer. Unsurprisingly, the finished product was terrible, and bombed completely. So badly in fact, that Atari ended burying thousands of unsold copies in the New Mexico desert – and earlier this year a documentary crew dug them up and found them,” the article states.

Spielberg’s mark was also felt at #35 with the bald German mechanic action figure from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

“Okay, so the bit where Indy fights the big German guy in Raiders and then his head ends up getting jammed in the propellers is pretty damn awesome. But is he really worthy of a figure? Especially one without an ‘Exploding Head Action’?”

How about a Dennis Nedry action figure – yep, #49: “Dennis Nedry, played by Wayne Knight, is one of the most memorable characters from Jurassic Park – an overweight, egotistical computer programmer who steals valuable dinosaur embryos, shutting down the park in the process and meeting a sticky end and the hands (claws?) of a Dilophosaurus. He’s a very big dude in a Hawiian shirt. How is he depicted in action figure form? A buffed-up dinosaur wrangler wearing sunglasses who looks a bit like Jean-Claude Van Damme in Timecop.

Check out the full list HERE

transformers fake shaving cream

indiana-jones_german_mechanic raiders of the lost ark action figure



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