‘The Hundred Foot Journey’ review: charming, great way to spend 2 hours

From Nooz Hawk comes a great review of Steven Spielberg’s latest produced film, The Hundred Foot Journey:

The_Hundred_Foot_Journey_(film)_poster“Some critics have tried to wound The Hundred-Foot Journey by claiming it is a confection so filled with sugar it could bring on a case of diabetes. Others have flocked to it as the latest book club good cry since it has been brought to the screen by superstar producers Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. Regardless of the critics, here is a charming way to spend two hours that will leave you hungry to visit the French countryside, bask in romance and join the feast!”

We don’t think that’s been the response to the film, but here are the thoughts on the picture

“Without giving away the story, the plot is uncomplicated. There is only one suitable building available for a new restaurant in this small village and it is across the street from Madame Mallory’s famous house of cuisine. The food competition begins, young people fall in love, old people fight, old people fall in love, the world falls in love with food, and the audience sighs with satisfaction. If you have never thought about the art of cooking French food, or Indian food for that matter, this movie will cause you to drive to the best restaurant in town to experience the joy of great food.

“Although the outer story of The Hundred-Foot Journey is about food, the underlying story is about family. What is it that ultimately makes you happy? On the surface, Madame Mallory is competing for place and respect in the world of French chefs. For Papa, he wants his family to be together and to be supported regardless of where they live.”

Check out the full review HERE

The Hundred Foot Journey cast Helen Mirren

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