‘The Hundred Foot Journey’ Review: a delicious and satisfying tale

The Daily Cal review of The Hundred Foot Journey evokes food references right from the beginning as it praises the latest Steven Spielberg produced film starring Helen Mirren.

The_Hundred_Foot_Journey_(film)_poster“There are people who will watch “The Hundred-Foot Journey” and think it’s the cheesiest thing since the invention of Velveeta. There are people who will see this movie and find it to be a tale so heartwarming that it could save you from hypothermia. And there are people who will see this movie and realize that the humor of stubborn old people can transcend cultural, geographic and culinary boundaries. Like dance and music, this form of humor seems to be a language of the world.

“Though “Journey” follows a familiar cinematic path in terms of its story, it seems to take a unique pleasure in getting there. At two-and-a-half hours, this movie is in no hurry to reach its end, and that is actually a plus. Its basic plot — of two restaurants trying to outcook one another — is familiar enough to most people that it doesn’t seem to need retelling. Even the added twist that the story is set in provincial France and that one restaurant serves only classic French cuisine and the other traditional Indian fare could play out like an overcooked steak. Fortunately, the film is much more carefully prepared than that.”

Following detailed accounts of the film, she writes:

“The mixing of foods across cultures is another positive outcome of the initial clash of the characters’ cultural differences. But when the traditional foods of the characters are tested in the ultra modern cuisine of Paris, the outcomes aren’t necessarily positive. In the end, the biggest enemy of this story is not change or even cultural difference but getting too far away from one’s roots.

“This film is charming in the simplest and most enjoyable sense of the word, and it will probably give viewers the warm fuzzies. With that being said, it also illustrates very relevant issues in today’s global landscape through the blending of food with more than a touch of spice.”

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