Mike Vogel interview: Barbie, Steven Spielberg, ‘Under the Dome’ season 2

Under-the-Dome-Episode-2_09-Promotional-Photo-Mike-Vogel-as-BarbieUnder the Dome closed out season one with Dale Barbara’s head in a noose and Mike Vogel’s character set to die for crimes he didn’t commit. While fans may have expected to see Barbie survive, Vogel reveals in the August Watch Magazine interview a deeper behind-the-scenes look at Chester’s Mill in season 2 and what makes the star click.

“We just started filming Episode 3, so I don’t think it’ll be a secret that I didn’t exactly hang,” says Vogel in the Watch interview. “Aside from some minor rope burn, Barbie finds a way to talk his way out of it.”

Barbie is trapped in the small New England town where a giant dome has suddenly encompassed the city, trapping the citizens inside. He is an ex-Special Forces operative and is a fish out of water at first, but then the chaos sets in and Barbie is thrust into a new role.

“In a way, Barbie and I are going on very parallel journeys,” says Vogel, “because I’m not a huge sci-fi fan … and I know I’ll catch flak from every sci-fi fan out there for saying that!”

He even confessed that he’s been surprised by the incredible fan response to the show.

“Rachelle (Lefevre) and I looked at each other halfway though the first season of filming this and said, ‘Well, neither of us has ever been on a show that’s gone past one season, so you’re all screwed, sorry!’ When it really found traction and found an audience, I was pleasantly surprised.”

Adapted from the Stephen King novel and produced by Steven Spielberg, Vogel confirms the creators are intricately involved with the show, King writing the first episode for season 2.

“Spielberg keeps calling me, texting me late at night with all these interesting movie ideas,” jokes Vogel, “and I’m like, ‘Steven, Steven, calm down, I’m filming your show right now, give me some time.’ ” Vogel adds more seriously: “I have done several movies for DreamWorks and you never see him, but he’s very involved in his projects. He watches everything, knows exactly what’s going on, and hopefully you don’t ever hear anything because when you do, it’s because something’s not right. And we’ve been fortunate so far.”

Vogel opens up in The Watch interview about his career, getting away to spend time with his family and relaxing.  Check out the current issue or get a copy HERE

For all of the latest, catch up on recent episodes or watch clips for upcoming ones – visit the official page HERE

The show co-stars Lefevre, Dean Norris, Eddie Cahill, Alexander Koch, Nicholas Strong, Colin Ford, Mackenzie Lintz, Karla Crome, Natalie Martinez and Britt Robertson.

Under the Dome airs Mondays 10 p.m. ET on CBS




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