‘Hook’ co-star Raushan Hammond talks Robin Williams, sword surprise in film

The passing of Robin Williams has rocked Hollywood and one co-star has stepped forward to talk about the famous actor and reflect on their time together on the set of Steven Spielberg’s Hook.

thud-butt-hook Raushan Hammond“There were lots of parts of the movie where there was no script, and we would have to go with the flow and see what Robin would do,” says Raushan Hammond in the Aug. 15 interview with People Magazine.

Hammond is now 32 and would be remembered for playing one of the Lost Boys in 1991’s Hook. “He was always encouraging me,” he adds. He was only 9-year-old when Hook was filmed.

His character was called Thud Butt, the big black boy who receives Pan’s sword at the end of the film when Peter finally grows up. Hammond reveals in the article that the sword scene was a surprise for him.

“Nobody knew who it would be except Robin and [director] Steven [Spielberg],” Hammond tells PEOPLE. “I never thought it would be me. I was playing Thud Butt, just the funny little kid on the side. It wasn’t until they said, ‘Action,’ and he just smiled really big at me and handed me the sword [that I knew]. To this day, when I see the scene I’m still always amazed.”

Exceedingly friendly to everyone on set, “he really was truly Peter Pan,” Hammond says. “His energy level alone. I never saw him down or even tired. The role really fit him.”

The pair kept in contact “and he always called me Thud,” recalls Hammond before saying that he can’t imagine that Robin is gone.

Robin Williams committed suicide on Aug. 11., hanging himself with a belt after cutting his wrist with a knife.Hook with lost boys Robin Williams Raushan Hammond

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