‘Falling Skies’ update: Noah Wyle, Will Patton wait as Scarlett Byrne’s ‘Lexi’ stays in the cocoon

From Better with Popcorn comes the recap of Falling Skies, season 4 episode 6: Door Number Three

noah Wyle  Will Patton Falling Skies season 4 photoFalling Skies is absolutely at its worst when nothing happens. There are shows that can take little plot movement and make it work, there are a few that even thrive in those kinds of settings. Falling Skies is not one of those shows, and “Door Number Three” is the perfect example of this.”

Fans may be disappointed by the lack of action.

Door Number Three, conversely, is an episode where most of the characters are standing around wondering what might happen next… Everyone is talking about all the bad things that will happen when Lexi comes out of her cocoon, but that doesn’t actually happen here…”

“the Espheni is gone and doesn’t make an appearance, and as mentioned, Lexi winds up in a cocoon, undergoing some kind of metamorphosis that isn’t completed by the time the credits roll…There’s hints of a love triangle between Maggie, Ben and Hal, Captain Weaver burns his hand on the cocoon, while Anne has a dream sequence after taking some drug, but none of it really goes anywhere.”

Lexi is played by Scarlett Byrne, who is famous for her role as Pancy Parkinson in the Harry Potter franchise.

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Scarlett Byrne as Lexi in cocoon Falling Skies season 4 photo

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