‘War of the Worlds’ featured on ‘Movies Everyone Else Hates’

Cut Print Film featured Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds ahead of Tom Cruise’s new film, Edge of Tomorrow. The author points to the off-screen “Tom Cruise shenanigans, or Cruisenanigans” as a detraction from the great qualities of the film.

Dakota Fanning Tom Cruise War of the Worlds photoThe article notes that “…over the years the reputation of War of the Worlds has been tarnished, with many lumping the film in as one of Spielberg’s worst. I will freely admit the film has several flaws…but I also feel the film has been unjustly maligned, and does not get the credit it deserves.”

In addition to a brief summary and praises for Spielberg, he cuts to the aliens in Worlds, which polarized audiences contrasting the film with Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T.

The aliens of War of the Worlds, however, are the polar opposite: cold and unemotional, with human annihilation as their main goal. In his youth, Spielberg had originally developed E.T.  as a darker, scarier movie; his instincts got the better of him, and it became the film we all know and love. That was young Spielberg, a filmmaker of a different era. War of the Worlds , however, is a film that exists completely in the post-9/11 society we all now occupy.”

The author, Chris Evangelista, explains how Spielberg incorporates a post-9/11 tone in the film: “majority of the time we see the massive alien Tripods, Spielberg always frames them from the ground looking up” and “from characters covered in ash to long stretches of handmade “Missing” posters of people trying to find their (most likely dead) loved ones”

Back to the E.T. comparison: “War of the Worlds is a cold film. Where E.T. and Close Encounters had an abundance of emotion, War of the Worlds has moments almost void of any feeling other than terror. Cruise’s character Ray is completely unable to connect with his children. Any attempts to do so prove embarrassing.”

One of the best reviews of War of the Worlds we’ve discovered, offering both positive and negative coverage on the film, helping audiences know what to expect: these aren’t your mother’s aliens.

Check out the full article for yourself HERE

War of the Worlds alien tripod attacking

War of the Worlds apocalyptic view Tom Cruise

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