‘Minority Report’ ‘War of the Worlds’ make Tom Cruise ‘Top 5’ lists of films

Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise have collaborated on a two sci-fi films and both made a new list of the Top Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Films by Press Telegram and one made a “Best of Tom Cruise” overall.

The 2002 film Minority Report was listed on both lists. AZ Central placed the film among the Best Cruise films of all-time stating: “It has the plot twists of a layered murder mystery, the breezy thrill of an action flick and the emotional resonance of a drama, set in a fully realized future world that has aged beautifully.”

Next up is War of the Worlds which made the Sci-Fi List as the writer noted “This remake of the 1953 classic film, which, along with Orson Welles’ earlier, terrifying radio broadcast, was based on the H.G. Wells story, earned three Academy Award nominations in technical categories.”

Check out the full list and commentary HERE

Tom Cruise in Minority Report


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