Zach Gilligan talks ‘Gremlins,’ praises Phoebe Cates and why it would be a hit

To honor the 30th anniversary of Gremlins, star Zach Gilligan recalled the process, the film, beginning with the audition.

zach Gilligan Phoebe cates photo Gremlins“I remember that at the time it was just a cluster of auditions that came my way in March of ‘83, and one them was Gremlins. But I did take a keen interest in it because I saw that Steven Spielberg’s name was attached to it as an executive producer — and, of course, he had been the biggest person in Hollywood for the last eight years, ever since the release of Jaws. And me, as a 19-year-old kid, Spielberg was just it; he was like a magic word,” Gilligan says in the Buzzfeed interview.

Gilligan offered some kind and insightful words about co-star Phoebe Cates.

“The thing about Phoebe is that she was intimidating to approach because she was so pretty, but she is such a nice person. Of all the models I ever met in my life, over the last 30 years, she is probably the least aware of her own attractiveness. I mean, she knew she was pretty, but she never made a big deal about it. She was very down to earth and cool.”

zach Gilligan gizmo Gremlins photoZach explains he may have been alone in thinking Gremlins would be a hit.

“The funny thing is I thought the movie was going to be a hit, and apparently, according to of the Gremlins folks that I recently got together with, I was the only one who thought it was going to be a hit. A lot of the people who worked on the film thought, Oh, people won’t get it, or the tone shifts will be too radical. And the guy who did special effects, Chris Walas, was terrified that it wouldn’t look good and that Gizmo wouldn’t look believable. Joe Dante thought that it was just going to be more of a cult movie. I thought we were making an action-adventure movie and it was going to be huge, and we had Spielberg, so how could you beat that? As a 19-year-old reading the script I thought, Wow, I would really love to see this movie, much less be in it.”

Check out the full interview HERE

Zach Gilligan Gizmo in back pack Gremlins photo



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