‘Indiana Jones’ development meeting: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Lawrence Kasden

How did Indiana Jones become the iconic character fans know and love. Sploid published a transcript of the 1978 meeting between the creators: George Lucas, Steven Speilberg and Lawrence Kasden.

The best parts are hearing them figure out in real time exactly what kind of hero Indiana Jones—originally named Indiana Smith—will be:

Kasdan: Is it necessary that he really be trained?

Lucas: It’s not absolutely necessary. I just thought it would be amusing if people could call him a doctor.

Spielberg: I like that. The doctor with the bullwhip.

Other gems include the origin of one of the most famous scenes in the film:

Spielberg: I have a great idea! There is a sixty-five-foot boulder, that’s form-fitted to only roll down the corridor, coming right at him. And it’s a race. He gets to outrun the boulder!

A hint at why Indy has a snake phobia:

Kasdan: It seems like it would be nice if, once stripped of his bullwhip, left him weak, if we had to worry. Just a little worried about him being too…

Lucas: That was what I thought. That’s why I was sort of iffy about throwing it in. If we don’t make him vulnerable…

Spielberg: What’s he afraid of? He’s got to be afraid of something.

And perhaps the most telling line of all:

Spielberg: What we’re just doing here, really, is designing a ride at Disneyland.

Be sure to check out the full transcript HERE

Indiana Jones concept art

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