Reddit user posts photo of 1989 ‘Back to the Future’ billboard counting down

The Back to the Future Billboard in Los Angeles from “1985” photo appeared on Reddit by user HungarianFever Friday and stirred plenty of memories for fans and residents of the area.

“This is the corner of La Cienega and Sunset in Hollywood. Really cool to see that practically thirty years later the businesses below are still alive and well,” wrote taylorj474.

A separate Reddit user martydmc12 corrected the poster noting the photo is from the second film.

“This is actually not from 1985, but 1989. I know it looks like an advertisement for Part I, but it’s actually an advertisement for Part II. The “Synchronize Your Watches” was part of the marketing campaign leading up to Part II’s release date on November 22, 1989.”

Note the marketing poster below which confirms the billboard is for the second film which has the same tagline “Synchonize your watches.”

Steven Spielberg was one of the executive producer on the Back to the Future films.

Back to the Future 1985 billboard California

back_to_the_future_part_ii_watches poster

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