Richard Dreyfuss reflects on filming ‘Jaws’ saying it was ‘a lot of waiting’

Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws still has fans engaged and interested in the production.

While talking with The Province, star Richard Dreyfuss reflected on the production, noting the delays.

Dreyfuss Jaws set“Making that film was an act of waiting. All we did was wait for the shark to work or to get the sails out of the shot. I didn’t know enough about movies then.”

During one of those waits in the cabin of the movie’s boat, actor Robert Shaw read to co-stars Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider from Shaw’s play called The Man In The Glass Booth, about a man kidnapped by the Israelis who might be Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

“He has a speech at the end of the play and Robert read it aloud. It starts out ‘let me speak to of love, let me speak to you of the Fuehrer.’”

The speech ended with “’Children of Israel, if he had chosen you, you also would have followed where he led.’

“And at the end of that I was sitting there, silent, and I looked up and the entire crew including Steven were at the windows listening.”

That led to Steven Spielberg giving Shaw the movie’s classic speech telling the true story about the Second World War USS Indianapolis survivors being eaten by sharks as they waited to be rescued.

“Shaw had to be the one to tell that story, and the speech was worked on by Francis Coppola, John Milius, Marty Scorsese and Steven. It was mostly Steven’s. And it is the most mesmerizing speech, story in the world.”

Then Dreyfuss was on to more shark stories, one about a Great White shark that was hooked and then started to eat the stern of a boat, just like in the movie.

“I tell all my surfer friends ‘don’t wear black, wear red.’ They think they’re seals.”

Poster below is a Hopko Design

Jaws Hopko poster

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