Steven Spielberg exits Moses epic, ‘Gods and Kings’

Even Steven Spielberg’s exit from a project makes headlines.

Charlton-Heston-as-Moses-The-Ten-Commandments-1956-ParamountDeadline says Spielberg has “ended his long flirtation” with the Biblical epic Gods and Kings, and now Warner Bros. is approaching Ang Lee, hoping the Life of Pi director will attach his name to Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine’s screenplay of the Moses story.

The Oscar-winning director was rumored too possibly returning to the Jurassic Park franchise, only to learn that Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow would be helming the sequel instead. Spielberg had pushed back Robopocalypse, the director reportedly had a hole to fill on his production schedule.

Now it sounds like he’s passing on another opportunity to fill it.


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