‘Rise of the Guardians’ writer gives an update on ‘Poltergeist’ remake

David Lindsay-Abaire, the screenwriter of “The Rise of the Guardians” was out promoting the Dreamworks animation project and talked to Collider about his work and plans for the “Poltergeist” remake.

One of the biggest questions asked by fans is whether the remake will be PG-13 or R.

“My version, I will say this, it’s not a gory, horrible, it’s not- it’s tonally similar to the first movie. How about that? And that’s sort of a family-friendly-esque, right? With some real, genuine scares in it.  It’s not “Saw,” if that’s what you’re asking.”

Before advancing to more specfics, Lindsay-Abaire added, “I’m not trying to turn it into something else.”

The “Oz: The Great and Powerful” added then addressed the famous under the bed scene from the original and his efforts to bring that to the remake.

“That scene and that vibe meant a tremendous amount to me, and that was the thing I was trying to emulate most in my draft. That movie also has some much-needed humor in it and some emotion in it, so all of that exists.”

While there is no release dates or information, the writer confirmed the studio is eager to get into production.

“It’s definitely a priority for them. As far as the “when” of it, I don’t know what that means, but they have said in no uncertain terms that it is a priority for them.

Check out the full interview here

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