Photo James Spader as Tennessee lawyer WN Bilbo in ‘Lincoln’

Civil War buffs are following the casting of Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s ”Team of Rivals”

“POLITICS, PRINCIPLE, and PREJUDICE, 1865-181” by BY LAWANDA Cox AND JOHN H. Cox on is an old boy, from 1963, but seems ok. There are several pages from p8ff., quoting:

“The most important member of the lobby, or at least the one
whose activities are best documented in the Seward correspond-
ence, was W. N. Bilbo of Nashville, Tennessee. A former Whig
whose devotion to the old party he described as one of “super-
stitious adoration,” 25 Bilbo was a lawyer of prominence in prewar
Tennessee. …He was also known
for his elaborate waistcoasts, his long sideburns, and his elegant
manners. 26 ……He claimed to know every
governor of the Confederate states and most members of the
Confederate Congress, and there is more reason to credit than
to discount his assertion. 27″



James Spader as W N Bilbo in Lincoln film

James Spader portrays W. N. Bilbo, a Tennessee lawyer and lobbyist.

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