Tom Hiddleston ‘inspired’ by Steven Spielberg

Tom Hiddleston struggled not to turn into a “crazy fan boy” when working with Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg.

Tom Hiddleston Steven Spielberg on War Horse setThe actor had to overcome a mental barrier to feel comfortable around the legendary directors and give a great performance.

The War Horse star added that it was incredible to witness the passion the iconic filmmakers have maintained for their craft.

“You have to try very, very hard not to completely lose your sh*t and become a crazy fan boy. And also not be scared in their company because what they want is your contribution as an actor, and if you’re nervous, that’s the last thing you’re going to give them,” he told the UK edition of Glamour. “I found them both so gloriously passionate still. To have done all they’ve done, and they still have this passion for making films and finding new stories to tell. I find it so inspiring.”

Tom also revealed how much fun it is to play a villain.

The Hollywood hunk is Loki in Avengers Assemble and found it exhilarating to portray a character without a moral code.

“The devil plays all the best tunes,” he joked. “Playing a superhero bad guy is just pure escapism as an actor, there’s just so much freedom. The bad guy is always completely free of moral censure – I hope I don’t twirl my moustache too much! It was enormous fun.”

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