Great Spielberg Action Movies

Great Spielberg Action Movies

He is a writer, director and even video game designer. Most people recognize this man by his revered list of accolades as a movie director. While his success seems to have diminished as of late, Steven Spielberg still manages to draw millions of viewers to the cinema. His clout has earned him a spot in the hall-of-fame, while his brilliance and charm a spot on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame.

Spielberg has directed drama and suspense movies, but his main focus remains action. From “Jaws” to “Saving Private Ryan,” Spielberg has gained notable success for his creativity and brilliance. For any student attending online college classes in film might use Spielberg’s creativity as a source of inspiration, while movie enthusiasts might love the action and suspense the director manages to broadcast.

“Minority Report”

Watch some of Spielberg’s films and you’ll notice the director’s fascination with sci-fi. “Minority Report” ranks among the best action-sci-fi movies in Spielberg’s repertoire. With an eminent cast lead behind Tom Cruise, this futuristic world about super cops who prevent crime before it happens packs action, suspense and a bevy of thrilling sequences.

The video and sound editing make the film shine, while the storyline about a futuristic cop, Tom Cruise, accused of murder contorts the storyline to prevent any predictability. Cruise as John Anderton puts on an illustrious performance as he tries to clear his name and put an end to the debauch of preventative crime fighting. If you enjoy futuristic cars, a brilliant story and opulent visuals, “Minority Report” will make for a wonderful Friday-night rental.

“Jurassic Park”

In 1993, Spielberg won several accolades for his success on the film “Jurassic Park.” Being the first film to rely heavily on special effects, “Jurassic Park” won Spielberg the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing and Special Effects. Watch the film today and you’ll see its age resonate on the screen, but in the 90s, this film revolutionized the industry.

Despite its geriatric special effects, the film manages to boast an opulent storyline behind a revered cast of actors. Set inside an adventure park inhabited by cloned dinosaurs, several archeologists and scientist flock to the island to ensure its safety before opening to the public.

During the middle of a thunderstorm, the electrical fences that keep these beast inside their cages malfunction. Getting a whiff of the failed electrical equipment, every dinosaur from a T-Rex to the velociraptor escapes. These voracious creatures look to eat anything in sight, and with hundreds of stranded scientist and civilians, these creatures have plenty to chew on.

“Saving Private Ryan”

“Saving Private Ryan” won Spielberg a Golden Globe for Best Director, and for good reason too. Set during the invasion of D-Day, “Saving Private Ryan” follows a regiment of Army Rangers tasked with saving a paratrooper named Private Ryan who has had all four of his brothers killed in action.

The Rangers will have to traverse German-infested France to locate the Ryan and bring him home. With Tom Hanks as the lead role, the movie takes viewers through the gory, horrific European Theater of 1941. If blood, flying bullets and a doleful story strike you as interesting, “Saving Private Ryan” is one of the best WWII movies out there.

Spielberg also has some other notable films including the Indiana Jones series that any action fan should check out. While Spielberg’s recent action films may not have been his best, he still has an impressive resume of movies for any action enthusiasts.

Still, Spielberg might still produce a few more classics over the next few years, but only time will tell. For students interested in film school, has more information.




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