Schindler’s List Tops Best Liam Neeson films

Five Great Movies: Liam Neeson by Crave Online

William Bibbiani writes: Starting his career with tiny roles in films like Excalibur and Krull, Neeson gradually worked his way up to leading man status in the 1990s, but his world-weary manliness only turned into a genuine box office draw in the 2000s. You can’t say he didn’t pay his dues.

The Spielberg film and Neeson’s role:

What more can be said about Schindler’s List? Steven Spielberg’s iconic Best Picture winner was the first major Hollywood film to deal directly with the horrors of the Holocaust, and while harsh critics may find quibbles here and there (the ending is certainly overdramatized, an issue common to Spielberg’s movies), it remains a powerful account. Liam Neeson turned heads as Oskar Schindler, a real-life German businessman who saved over a thousand Jewish lives in Nazi Germany by employing them in his munitions factories. His motives may have initially been selfish – since Jewish labor was cheap – but eventually he made great sacrifices to save his refugees from the concentration camps. Spielberg’s film doesn’t shy away from illustrating the horrors endured by Jews in World War II, even though its protagonist was actually a Catholic, and was a major turning point in the filmmaker’s career.

Others on the list:

Rob Roy
The Grey

Check out the article and the order:

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One thought on “Schindler’s List Tops Best Liam Neeson films

  1. Thought this would be a fun place to let y’all know about an opportunity at the slates (clap boards) from some of his films.  My neighbor Stephen Tate (IMDB) was a camera man for many of the films and thereby in charge of the slates.  He preserved the originals and yet now needs to sell them.  He has Schindler’s list, Hook, Back to the Future 1 (and 2).  (Also Return of the Jedi under its name Blue Harvest).    I’ll be able to verify these for anybody that is interested.  I have pictures of Stephen on the sets with Stephen and he can call and chat and verify any detail you already know.  Just these need new homes now 🙁

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