Liam Neeson praises Schindler’s List role, working with Fiennes

Liam Neeson has a long resume, so what does the actor says he’s most remembered for – Star Wars, Taken…nope, Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List”

 “I love being part of epic movies. Everything about them is magnificent,” says Neeson, who’s latest, Wrath of The Titans, hit theatres last week.

When asked about his most memorable movie, he admits, “If I have to pick one, it has to be Schindler’s List.”

“Steven is a dear friend. He called me and said his next project was on the World War II. He said, ‘I am sending you the script, so read it and call me’. I read it, called him and the next was history.”

Neesom shares the screen with Ralph Fiennes again:

“A lot of people tell us that we look so much alike and I think we were the perfect fit to play Zeus and Hades (played by Fiennes),” he jokes, before adding that back in the day, he read a lot of Greek mythology to prepare for his part in The Phantom Menace, which came handy for this film as well. “It always fascinated me. I started reading that in my twenties in Ireland. For me, Westerns are like Greek mythologies, it’s all the same story,” he says.

Neeson doesn’t stop with the humor:

“I’m doing a movie in September for four weeks with Olivia Wilde. We have some serious love-making to do so I have some push-ups to do,” he quipped.

“It’s a really interesting part and I get to go to bed with Olivia Wilde! It’s a small film. It’s a really interesting script,” he continued.

“It’s a love story between different couples. I play a writer – or at least, I think so at the minute. It’s about a writer trying to get over a tragic death that he emotionally tries to access through the characters he writes about. He imagines their reactions to this tragic death of a kid drowning in a swimming pool.”

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