Drew Roy, Colin Cunningham and Producer Remi Aubuchon talk Falling Skies season 2

Actors Drew Roy and Colin Cunningham and Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon said the two-hour June 17 premier for season two will take place three months after Tom (Noah Wyle) stepped aboard the alien spacecraft.

“This is a dark season, you guys. It’s wicked and bad ass and you’re in for a treat,” Cunningham said. He added that viewers are going to see inside the alien ship. “It’s not anything you can imagine.”

“We don’t know what happened to Tom,” Aubuchon said. Well, he knows but he’s not talking. “He’s in the first episode. That’s all I’m saying.”

The show came out of Steven Spielberg’s brain, Aubuchon said. The legendary director wanted a “family show in a post apocalyptic venue.” When Spielberg described the show he told Aubuchon, “I’m seeing things. Crawling things. Have you seen that old movie, ‘The Tingler’?”

“Falling Skies” is basically a modern Revolutionary War tale, Aubuchon said. “They’ve become a militia. The Second Mass is on the run now.” They will eventually reach Charleston, South Carolina.

Aubuchon said the show is presented entirely from the characters’ viewpoint. There are no breakaways to the alien HQ or flashbacks to pre-invasion. The aliens’ dark intents are being revealed slowly, he said. Though the writers have the storyline developed through the first four seasons the slow reveal has “been quite a hard task.”

Roy, who plays Hal in the show, said his character is a bit of a Lothario but there will be some developments between him and the Maggie characater.


Cunningham said his character, Pope, is the most logical of the group. “Sometimes he’s a good guy and sometimes he’s not.” The actor was sporting short hair. He wears a wig on the show.

In season two Pope assembles a ragtag team that “goes out and does the dirty work,” Cunningham said. He also said a bionic goat will appear.

“You keep pitching that but we’re not going to do that,” Aubuchon said.

Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/getout/2012/03/30/falling-skies-actors-and-showrunner-reaveal-next-seasons-secrets-at-comicon-8/#storylink=cpy
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