Guardian review of War Horse: ‘realistic and extreme’

Guardian review by KrazyKesh: It was the year 1914 in the town of Devon, set away into the mountains. A boy watched the birth of a young horse. Little did he know that he would shape the horse’s future. His name was Albert Narracott.

Being the son of a former soldier, Albert was a strong willed and determined boy. He was excited when his father bought the unsteady thoroughbred horse. He was not irked by the fact that his father had wasted all their money on the weak-legged beast. He realized that the situation was worse than it seemed. They were already feeling the clutches of poverty but his father had spent most of their money on the horse. Albert was unmoved and spent most of his time training the horse he called Joey. Soon he was ready to plough the rocky field that most said was impossible.

Driven by his determination and hisunderstanding of the problem facing the Narracotts, Joey pushed the blade to its limits and broke the rocks that came in his way. To the astonishment of the ‘Brave Fools’ the field was miraculously cultivated. A few months later the field bore turnips. The rejoicing was quickly drowned when a storm blew the turnips and their hopes away. Maddened with desperation Mr. Narracott sold Joey to the recruiting officer who was enlisting men for the war that was brewing between England and Germany.

The renowned director Steven Spielberg has directed this film. It has been nominated for 6 Oscar Awards: best film, cinematography, art direction, original score, sound editing and sound mixing.

This film has conveyed the emotions as it has done in the book written by Michael Morpurgo. The acting is very realistic and extreme. The cinematography brings out the reactions of the characters with perfect clarity. The background score and the sound effects complete the importance of the scene. Michael Morpurgo portrays the brilliance of the plot and Steven Spielberg brought it into the spotlight with pinpoint perfection. Although the main characters are Albert, Joey and Topthorn, the horses are also cared for by temporary owners. They are forced to see the misery of these owners. Captain Nicholls, the man in charge of Joey was killed in battle and the Germans captured Joey and his fellow horse Topthorn. They were handled by two young boys who were afraid to see the face of war. They fled together but were captured by the soldiers and executed even though they were barely teenagers.

All these honest and good people get attached to the two horses who, in return are passed on from one owner to another, forced to break the delicate hearts. They are helpless horses who face the hard and rash consequences of human conflicts. They are also the magnificent horses who miraculously bring the broken families together and lead to the friendship and brief allegiance of the two rival sides, uniting the emotions of the brave hearts, humans and animals alike. They are the horses who weave together happiness, love and loyalty between extraordinary human beings and horses. This movie will make you rejoice to every triumphant step of its triumphant personalities.

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