CLIP: Elliot’s ‘penis breath’ insult removed from ‘E.T.’?

Elliot calls his brother penis breath. Supposedly this is removed from the newer releases of the E.T. DVD.

Well now comes word that the classic “Penis Breath” line has also been removed and/or changed as well it has now been deemed as inappropriate for family fare. Now, sure I understand that times have changed, that the freedoms that filmmakers had when I was a kid of the seventies and eighties… well the times and the original filmmaker has changed. – Ain’t it cool news posting 2001

i09 article – Why I hate ‘E.T.’:

To make matters worse, the 20th Anniversary Edition of ET was redone with CGI and censorship. OK, look, grownups — trying to fix up an already too-cute/too-ugly E.T. by adding crappy CGI ain’t going to cut it. Seriously, he just looks way lamer. Meanwhile, Spielberg decided to clean up the movie by replacing the bad guy’s guns with radios in one scene (what? you think kids don’t know those are really guns?) and then taking out the ONE funny line in the whole movie, where Elliot calls his brother “penis breath.” So you take out the one intentionally-funny penis reference, but leave in the penis-shaped alien? WTF, people?

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