The River: from feature film to TV, Bruce Greenwood adds more details

Bruce Greenwood has boldly gone into outer space as Capt. Christopher Pike in “Star Trek.” He’s gone into the past, portraying John F. Kennedy in “Thirteen Days” and Bob Dylan in “I’m Not Here.” He’s worked several TV series, most notably “St. Elsewhere,” “Nowhere Man” and the bizarre David Milch HBO series “John from Cincinnati.”

The original idea, says executive producer Oren Peli (“Paranormal Activity”), was to shoot “The River” as a feature film.

“It was just going to be about a missing documentary crew that had gone missing in the rainforest,” says Peli, who joined the cast at the recent TV critics press tour in Pasadena, Ca.

Peli had set the project aside when he had a meeting with Steven Spielberg, “and he told me, ‘Hey, we should do a TV show together,’ and I’m thinking, ‘OK. Sure. Whatever you say.'”

“I got there Aug. 20,” Greenwood says of the Hawaiian locale, “and didn’t wear socks again until Nov. 10.”

“Everything in the pilot, that’s me holding the camera,” says Greenwood.

“It’s a little bit more juggling than you’re used to as an actor but once you get the rhythm down you get the hang of it.”

Greenwood says his big concern was not letting the real film crew down.

“Also, I didn’t want to be shooting up my nose.”

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