Spielberg: Jaws’ success got ‘Close Encounters’ made

Steven Spielberg has revealed how the hit shark attack movie Jaws changed his life enabling him to make any movie that her wished. That movie just so happened to be Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a movie which nobody was interested in even considering until Steven became such a huge director after Jaws. Once Jaws became so big, Steven simply had to ask for the financing for a movie and it was there.

Spielberg explained:

“The turning point in my career was Jaws. It was a turning point because I was a director-for-hire before Jaws and because it was such a big hit I could do any movie I wanted. Hollywood just wrote me a cheque!”

He added,

“I wanted to make this movie about flying saucers, nobody wanted to make it before Jaws and I tried to get people to make this crazy movie. I kept saying, ‘Oh, this mothership comes down at the end, you’re going to love it!’ People thought I was crazy and they wouldn’t give me the time of day.”


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