Spielberg says ‘no motion cap’ to make Harrison Ford younger for Indy 5

From the NY Daily News: Using performance-capture in “The Adventures Tintin” opened a world of possibilities for Steven Spielberg, but he says it’s not the holy grail for making another Indiana Jones movie.

With star Harrison Ford approaching 70 and no finished script in sight, fans are wondering if the actor might be creeping up to the point where it’s no longer realistic for him to put on the trademark fedora for another adventure.

“I would never do an Indy retread where I took Indiana’s face, the way it exists in 2011 and ‘youngify’ him,” the director told the Daily News. “I would never do that.”

“If there’s an ‘Indy V,’ I’m not sure when or if there will be, but if there is an ‘Indy V,’ Harrison has to be the age that he is when we make the picture,” said Spielberg. “He’s going to have to play that age, and we’ll write that into the script.”



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