Spielberg praises Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln

Two time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis finally green-lighted his participation after years of back and forth – for a long time Liam Neeson was tied to the role – and Spielberg couldn’t be more thrilled. They’re currently on location in Virginia shooting the project.

“I’m so excited to work with one of the greatest actors of our time,” Spielberg told the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

“He wouldn’t say yes for years. He even turned me down seven years ago when I asked him to play Lincoln. I think he was intimidated. You think about playing Lincoln, and it’s true that he was too great a man.”

“Daniel had never read his script. When he did read it, he understood the man,” Spielberg said.
Though Lincoln was born and raised in Illinois, Spielberg chose Virginia for the shoot because the film will focus on the last year of his presidency. Some photos have leaked from the set featuring Day-Lewis as the spitting image of old Abe.

Expect to see Lincoln after next year’s race for the White House ends . . . just in time for Oscar season.
“Lincoln needs his own wide berth,” he said. “And he wouldn’t be given a wide berth with both sides using him as a kind of political football,” Spielberg told ABC last week.


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