“Super 8” Movie review

Check out the “Super 8” film review as the film lands in Indian theaters

Times of India: JJ Abrams & Steven Spielberg get together to make what they both feel extremely passionate about: Paranormal events, mysterious abductions and alien attacks.

A bunch of kids get together to make a zombie movie. To add authenticity to their amateur project, they decide to shoot on real locations…one being a late night shoot at a train station. Luckily for the kids, a freight train approaches the station adding to the film’s ‘production value’. However a jeep gets over the tracks and starts running towards the train from the other end! The two collide, thus derailing the train and resulting into multiple explosions.

Soon after the weird accident, the small town starts facing strange attacks. The kids are the only eye witnesses to the catastrophe and thus set out on a heroic mission of decoding the mystery.

Super 8 is an exciting watch solely for its superb buildup. The ‘happenings’ keep you on the edge of your seat. The director infuses subtle humour even in spooky scenes and the combination just adds to the fun.

The special effects are impressive although few scenes do look unreal. The line of events and performances heighten curiosity but the mushy climax falls flat thus making the otherwise interesting plot disappointing.

The film revolves around the child actors and the talented lot impresses you with their mature performances. The film gets spookier as it progresses. The tension that keeps building may even lead you to scream in fear but the dramatic climax has its own share of flaws.

Do watch the end credits for they are better than the film!

If you forgive the climax, Super 8 is one super suspense thriller you won’t regret watching.


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