Steven Spielberg to help make “Halo” movie

A rumor started in 2009 that Steven Spielberg was interested in making a “Halo” movie:

…claims that Steven Spielberg is in ‘active negotiations’ to develop Stuart Beattie’s Halo spec script for the big screen. Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp used the opportunity of SDCC a couple of weeks ago to say that the Halo movie looked dead dead dead… and now we’ve got another big name rumored to be interested in making yet another version. Will anything come of this? – August 20091

Fast forward to October 2010:

Steven Spielberg is interested in a Halo movie – although we already posted about this on Wednesday, the Vulture article also contains a run-down of what happened to the FIRST attempt at a Halo movie.

So what’s new?

A 2012 film adaption by Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.

‘Une adaptation au cinéma est programmée en 2012. Elle sera réalisée en partenariat par deux poids lourds du cinéma américain : Steven Spielberg et les studios Dreamworks’, is what it says.

Read more:

This site says it’s all bogus – read that here

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