“Jurassic Park”: How it should have ended

Man those Raptors are smart. Smarter than snakes and way smarter than
those darn kids! Enjoy our Jurassic Park Parody.

Check out the bio on this short if you’d like to read more on how it was made.

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3 thoughts on ““Jurassic Park”: How it should have ended

  1. Spielberg has been making the mea culpa rounds the last few weeks, recently admiting that the changes to “E.T.” for its 20th anniversary release were a mistake and that only the original version would be put out on Blu-Ray, and now this. 
    If only his friend George Lucas would follow his lead.

  2. Wow, you just opened a can of worms. 
    I’m reading various articles from the event and I’m not seeing any particular digs on the film….I don’t see any quotes where Spielberg said he was embarrassed by the film. But maybe I’m not seeing it…..you’d think it would be all over if he did indeed say that. 
    Some people try to make it out like Spielberg disses the film, but I think they do that to get viewer interest, such as this one: 
    From what I’ve read, when they mentioned doing a 5th Indy film, one fan cheers and then Spielberg says “I think that’s the one fan we didn’t alienate with the fourth.” Clearly seems like a joke at the negative fan reaction….looks like overreaction once again.

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