Hugh Jackman jokes about “Real Steel” robots, talks schedule

Two years after the horrible “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Hugh Jackman will return in Shawn Levy’s film “Real Steel” produced by Steven Spielberg. Jackman was about working with the robots:

“The good thing about robots is, they don’t eat,” jokes Hugh Jackman, who shares the screen with both a child (Toronto kid Dakota Goyo) and a hard-punching automaton named Atom in Disney’s Real Steel, opening nationwide Friday. “Really, that’s all I worry about on a set, somebody hogging the food.”

“This last year, to be honest, I would have worked more, but The Wolverine (the sequel to his X-Men Origins movie, skedded to be shot in Vancouver) has been on-again/off-again for an entire year, pretty much.”

“It was a year before I did a film (after Wolverine), and that was during summer vacation and that was Real Steel. So the family (wife Deborah-Lee, 11-year-old son Oscar and 6-year-old daughter Ava) came with me. It’s been a nice break for me, because it was pretty busy up until then. I’m not sure how much I plan things really, but it coincided with a period where I didn’t want be away from my family. My kids were starting new schools, and I wanted to be around.”



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