Peter Jackson says ‘Tintin’ & motion capture is all about the eyes

In a recent interview with Gigwise, producer Peter Jackson (The Hobbit) discussed his upcoming project with Steven Spielberg “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.” While the trailer footage looks great, many are weary of the motion-capture technology used for the film and the effect it will have in making characters that look real, yet fake and awkward.

Peter Jackson seemed confident that the characters would not take on this awkward look (the uncanny valley), stating:

The eyes are the most important feature of any performer. Way back, when we were doing “The Lord of the Rings” and we created Gollum in the computer at Weta, we built the eyes of our characters in a very scientific way: you study real eyes, how the light reflects on them; you study the way the irises reflect emotion. Our company has put a huge amount of research and development into the eyes and with Tintin we had to create a cast that were as expressive in the eyes as a live-action film.

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