John Livesey, advisor on ‘Saving Private Ryan’, a fraud

THIRDAGE: A man who said he advised “Saving Private Ryan” on military matters was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for misleading friends and colleagues about his accomplishments.

John Livesey claimed he had been awarded medals for gallantry in Northern Ireland and the Falklands
John Livesey, 57, maintained for decades that he had served in Britain’s Parachute Regiment, despite his only military record was serving as cook between 1971 and 1974. He claimed to have advised production crews for the 1998 Steven Spielberg film “Saving Private Ryan” and 2001 miniseries “Band of Brothers.”

A judge from England’s Peterborough Crown Court sentenced Livesey for perverting the course of justice, after seeing evidence that Livesey had fooled actual military veterans in 2004 in order to falsely claim 30,000 pounds ($49,000) in benefits while working at the Duxford Imperial War Museum.

Defense attorney Roger Harrison said his client had been diagnosed with histrionic personality and dependent personality disorders and suffered from physical disabilities, but the judge rejected the argument.

Livesy had convinced two Royal Gurkha Rifles veterans that he had made Colour Sergeant and that he was awarded a medal for serving in the Falklands and Northern Ireland, though he was actually discharged in 1974 after an apparent suicide attempt.

Judge Nic Madge said “Much of your life since 1974 has been a lie.”

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