‘Cowboys & Aliens’: Top 5 Harrison Ford Moments

ABC makes a list of the Top 5 Harrison Ford Moments

Harrison Ford is pushing 70 and showing no signs of slowing down.

Ford’s western/sci-fi mashup “Cowboys & Aliens,” in which the 69-year-old actor stars opposite James Bond actor Daniel Craig, opens today, putting Ford back in the saddle in his first cowboy flick since 1979’s “Frisco Kid.”

The film has all the makings of a box office blockbuster. It’s Indiana Jones meets James Bond, backed by producers Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, and helmed by “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau.

Reviews have been mixed, but judging by the reception the film and Ford received at the Comic-Con premiere earlier this week in San Diego, “Cowboys & Aliens” is likely to be a hit with its target audience.

Making his Comic-Con debut, Ford was led on stage in handcuffs, a reference to the fact that he had to be dragged to the event by Favreau. No matter, the audience went wild and Ford, in his understated way, declared: “I just wanted to make a living as an actor. I didn’t know about this.”

The former carpenter has managed to make much more than a living. He’s one of the top-grossing actors of all time. Here are five top moments in Ford’s career.

American Graffiti

Ford came to Hollywood in the 1960s to strike it big. Instead, he ended up with bit roles in mostly Westerns and television series.

Unhappy with the roles he was receiving, Ford taught himself carpentry to support his then wife Mary Marquard and their two young sons. A gig building cabinets for George Lucas led to Ford’s big break, a pivotal supporting role in “American Grafitti.”

Ford’s relationship with Lucas would have a profound effect on his career.

Star Wars

When Lucas was casting his new movie “Star Wars,” he asked Ford to read lines with the actors auditioning.

But it was Ford who won the director over. Lucas cast him as Hans Solo in “Star Wars” and a star was born. Ford also appeared in the sequels “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi,” cementing his superstar status worldwide.

Indiana Jones

Surprisingly Lucas was not sold on Ford as Indiana Jones when he teamed with Steven Spielberg for 1981’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Lucas wanted Tom Selleck but he was unavailable. Good thing, because Ford turned the iconic role into a blockbuster four-film franchise. His fedora became nearly as famous as he was.


In 1985’s “Witness,” Ford departed from his action hero strong suit and displayed a sensitive romantic side.

As a big-city detective protecting a young Amish boy from a ruthless killer, Ford falls for the boy’s mother, played by Kelly McGillis. The role earned him his only Academy Award nomination.

Asked how he felt about never winning the Oscar, he told ABC News’ Barbara Walters, “I’m still doing okay.”

Calista Flockhart

In real life, Ford’s romantic life took center stage when he began dating “Brothers and Sisters” star Calista Flockhart following his split from second wife Melissa Mathison, the screenwriter for “ET.”

Ford began seeing Flockhart, 23 years his junior, in 2002 after they met at the Golden Globes. They finally tied the knot last June in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Ford was filming “Cowboys and Aliens.” Together, they are parents to adopted son Liam.

Ford also has a son and daughter with Mathison and three grandchildren.


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