Will Smith recalls his call from Steven Spielberg for MIB

Back in 1997, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones teamed with producer Steven Spielberg to make the film, Men In Black, which was a box office hit, and was the second highest grossing film that year.

The sequel to that film, Men In Black II, was released in 2002. Now, nine years later, the third installment of this franchise, Men In Black III, is currently filming. Both its stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be returning to their roles.

Will Smith is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and always has a fun story to share.

He took a stroll down memory lane, and told us about the day that Steven Spielberg first called him on the telephone to talk about making the first Men In Black movie–only Smith didn’t believe it was really Spielberg on the telephone.

“I thought it was my friend Pookie playin’ around…but it wasn’t. It was Steven Spielberg. You think somebody’s playin’…”

Smith concludes: “That was ery exciting!”

Check out the site to hear the audio:


Posted in March 2011

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