“The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn” trailer, poster, synopsis

Dr Fleming had a vision… of a world without dogs. For years he attempted to achieve the unthinkable – to replace all dogs with robots. Now, in the year 20xx, a young robotic dog fresh off the assembly line named TinTin, travels with his friend Kit and Captain Haddock to sail the seas in the search for dry land.

Also, the world’s biggest threat has returned – 10,000 years after his destruction, Red Rackham returns with an army of ghost dogs to battle the robotic ones. The ghost dogs fly through the robotic dogs to fry their circuits – TinTin, the last of the robotic dogs, must take a stand. With the love and courage of his owner and captain, TinTin sure as heck gonna try. – IMDB

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