‘Main Attraction’ – Episode 2, season 1 “Amazing Stories”

Episode 2 of “Amazing Stories”, a series which ran from 1985 to 1987, titled “Main Attraction”

Athletic teenage hunk Brad Bender thinks he is too cool for nerdy classmate Shirley, who is crazy over him, until, to his horror, a meteor shower’s power suddenly turns him into a human magnet. – IMDB

Directed by Matthew Robbins (writer on “batteries not Included”, “Mimic”, “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark”), episode 2 of the “Amazing Stories”, gets plenty of laughs early on as the characters are exaggerated and ‘over the top’. John Scott Clough dancing to bad 80’s tunes and chanting “Bender…Bender…Bender”, celebrating his “All-State” status and his pending Prom King election – hysterical.

All of the high school cliches coming flowing one after another. Lisa Jane Persky steals every scene as the geeky girl Shirley…well, until the hunk brags that only and “act of God” could prevent him from winning and he didn’t believe in God, anyway — the large asteroid crashes through the window and Bender’s magnetic personality takes a literal turn for the worse.

This episode proves to be more entertaining yet still lacks serious substance. I can’t help but laugh at the end:


“I’ll help Jerry’s kids…I’ll listen to Menudo records.”


TRIVIA NOTE: Director Brad Bird of “The Incredibles”, “Ratatouille” and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” has a cameo as one of the scientists.

The original airing was October 6, 1985.

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