“Cowboys & Aliens” – what are the critics saying

Daniel Craig (James Bond), Harrison Ford (Han Solo, Indiana Jones), Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy) and Jon Favreau (Iron Man 1&2) – Cowboys, Aliens…a formula for a “Must-See” Summer Movie? Let’s add that both Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg are producers. That being said, what are the critics saying?

The Good

Cowboys & Aliens was a VERY unexpected surprise. It has a little of everything for everyone. Favreau manages to mash Wild West and Sci-Fi together like peanut butter and chocolate, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to get enough. The cast and crew not only made the Wild West/Sci-Fi mashup believable, but enjoyable to watch as it unfolded. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see it again this weekend. – ComicBookMovie

“Cowboys & Aliens” — the title leaves out the Indians, the desperadoes and the homesteaders — is a perfectly serviceable B-movie in the modern mold — lots of money, lots of stars, lots of explosions and lots of credited screenwriters. – Idaho Stateman

“Cowboys & Aliens” has without any doubt the most cockamamie plot I’ve witnessed in many a moon…The movie will no doubt be popular and deserves success. As preposterous moneymakers go, it’s ambitious and well-made. The acting from the large cast is of a high standard, Craig and Ford were more or less born into their roles, and director Jon Favreau actually develops his characters and gives them things to do, instead of posing them in front of special effects. – Roger Ebert

But the highlight of the film is Harrison Ford, who gives one of his best performances as the gloomy and cantankerous cowboy trying to save his son. – Fox News

The Bad

Jon Favreau’s direction fails to captivate the viewer’s attention for a long time span. Though the movie starts off well, with all the mystery surrounding Jake, the way the story unfolds doesn’t leave you much impressed. There are too many strange happenings in the film which somehow make the movie a tough one to grasp! Also, Jon Favreau takes too long to reveal the real identity of Jake. The reason for the aliens attacking the Mexican desert, also, does not leave you in a state of thrill (which it should have).  – Apunkachoice

Action-packed yet curiously lifeless, “Cowboys & Aliens” shoots blanks. This multitasking genre mash-up successfully unites its discordant elements in a coherent dramatic universe. Despite a stellar cast and out-of-this-world production values, however, it’s a saddle-weary horse opera and a low-gravity opera. Lacking the high-flying zing of Joss Whedon’s space-western TV series “Firefly,” the movie is competent but never compelling. – Star Tribune

Every Western cliche is pumped up and blown out, not only the cliches of story but of character, costume and set design. Sam Rockwell, as a merchant, shows up with the little round spectacles and plastered-down hair that you’ve seen in a hundred movies. – SF Gate

The mash-up of western and sci-fi elements collapses under the weight of its clichés, despite the efforts of Daniel Craig. – LA Times

The Ugly

Cowboys & Aliens: Two genres, one empty blockbuster – Globe & Mail
The hackneyed and boring script; the lack of any emotional connect with the audience; the indigestible premise of the film. – Koimoi.com

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