Top Ten Indiana Jones moments: Op-Ed

WTH? Indiana Jones Met The World 30 Years Ago – His Top 10 Moments

by Mac Engel
I about barfed when I read this – the greatest film ever made – Raiders of the Lost Ark – was released 30 years ago this year.
And then I got equally sick when I recently read a quote from Shia LeBeouf where he said they still plan to make Indiana Jones 5. I love Harrison Ford. But in a couple of weeks he will be 69. That means if they start shooting today, which they aren’t, he’s going to be 70. Please give this role to Jon Hamm, act like you never made Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Paycheck, and start over. Ford’s stuntmen will be on screen more than he will if they indeed make a fifth installment.

I digress. In honor of this great film that inspired me to waste more time than calculable, I have gathered the Top Ten Moments in Indiana Jones film history. I don’t include the TV series.

10. Indy Gets Hitler’s Autograph – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indy and his dad must return to Berlin to get his father’s Grail diary. They do, only Indy is sucked into a vortex of Nazi lovers during a book burning rally where, wearing a German officer’s uniform, Indy bumps into Hitler himself. Hitler grabs the diary, autographs it, and moves on.

9. Indy Meets the Swordsman – Raiders of the Lost Ark
May be the single most iconic sequence of the entire series. During a fight in a market place, Indy loses Marion and in his effort to find her he comes across this foreboding, sword-wielding character. What happens next is film immortality. Check out video here

8. Indy Finds the Area 51 Alien, & Survives a Nuclear Blast – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
This is the only sequence that can make this list. If the rest of this film had followed the opening 10 to 15 minutes of this film we would have been fine. He leads a group of Soviet soldiers to the Area 51 alien in a New Mexico warehouse, makes a cool escape complete with gun fire only to run away to a “town” set for nuclear destruction.

7. Venice Boat Chase – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
OK, so Venice has no actual catacombs. Who cares? After Indy finds the “second marker” the men who wish to protect the Holy Grail pursue Indy in speed boats in an around Venice.

6. Indy’s Fight With The Massive German Soldier in Front of the X-Wing Plane – Raiders of the Lost Ark
By this point, Indy has escaped the Well of Souls and the snakes only to find that the ark is being loaded on an X-Wing plane. En route to saving the ark, he must go hand-to-hand with this massive German soldier in a solid exchange of punches.

5. Train track cart chase – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Shortly after Indy comes back to us from his “dark sleep”, he leads a break out. Included in this is a standard fight that doesn’t end well for the massive hulk. In an effort to get out both he and Mrs. Steven Spielberg hop a train car in an absurd, but fun, chase.

4. The Tank Battle – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
This film “borrows” heavily from No. 1, but this scene where Indy challenges a German tank to get his father is classic Indy. A thundering John Williams score, a white horse, and some humor when Indy shoots a pistol to off three German soldiers with one shot.

3. Nepal Shootout – Raiders of the Lost Ark
This is the scene where Indy meets Marion Ravenwood for the first time after she drinks some dude under the table. The ensuing fight/gun scene includes some tense machine gun fire, and Indy looking pretty bad ass.

2. The Club Obi Wan Shootout – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
A completely underrated scene. This opening sequence of this film has Indy trying to exchange a diamond, then he gets poisoned before all hell breaks loose and both he and Mrs. Steven Spielberg must crash through a window to escape.

1. The Truck Chase – Raiders of the Lost Ark
This scene where Indy borrows a white stallion to run down the Ark in a convoy of Nazi trucks is the essence of Indiana Jones. If memory serves, it’s this vision that George Lucas had that he used as a spring board to create the character.

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