Michael Bay talks about Spielberg’s influence

Steven Spielberg, producer Ian Bryce and Michael Bay on the set of the first 'Transformers.'
Steven Spielberg fills a different role than Jerry Bruckheimer in guiding Michael Bay, since he’s a director himself. Spielberg emerged from TV and the twilight of the studio system to direct blockbusters before tackling more serious pics. There are hints he sees some of himself in Bay.

He says since he started working with Bay on the “Transformers” pics, “I think our relationship has gotten looser over time, in the sense that we laugh a lot more about how hard movies like ‘Transformers’ are to mount and make. I really believe that once the ‘Transformers’ franchise is out of his system, Michael will take his visual gifts and begin to apply them to many different kinds of stories, even quiet ones.”

Spielberg notes that while Bay is “a powerful and provocative image maker,” on this latest “Transformers” pic, “Michael was very focused on telling a story more character-dependent than ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.’ ”

Bruckheimer offers this summary of why Bay’s blockbusters consistently shine at the box office.

“Michael likes taking huge audiences, packing them into a Howitzer of his own design, and firing them into the experience,” Spielberg says. “There are millions of people who love the thrill rides that Michael designs for them.”

Read more on Michael Bay’s influences: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118039083

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