Spielberg admits he’s ‘miserable’ if he’s not working

Famous director Steven Spielberg has revealed that he ensures that he always has a movie in the pipeline because he finds himself “miserable” and “in a terrible state” if he does not have any project to develop.

His wife Kate Capshaw, and their kids dread him being without work because he becomes “a terror to live with”.

“Ask my wife and my children what it’s like to have me without a movie in my immediate future to direct,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“I mope. I walk around the house in a terrible state. I’m miserable when I don’t have something that I can immediately jump into,” he added.

“I got started making movies as a kid because I couldn’t think of anything more fun to do ” Spielberg recalled “When I was 13 there was absolutely nothing that interested me more than to take a movie camera and tell a three four-minute story…And when I make a movie today I get that same energy the same excitement ” he said “I remember the same feeling at 12 13 years old as the feeling I still had as I turned 65 That has never gone away ”

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